About Us

About Us

Sherani Engineering
March 1990

Sherani Engineering & Foundry Works was established in March 1990 as a private limited company. With developing need of executing advance hi-tech engineering projects, the company revolutionized its working by acquisition of state-of-art facilities & equipments, and today, “Sherani Engineering” is a revolutionary name in the execution of special projects.
Quality of services

To maintain a dynamic environment

“To maintain a dynamic environment for the development and on time delivery of high quality and cost effective products and services, to delight our valued customers.”

To be effectively responsive & flexible

To be effectively responsive and flexible to tailor the specific needs of our customers by maintaining a high degree of employees’ motivation through an environment of friendship, trust and growth opportunities. We lead the way with our enthusiasm, optimism, unmatched quality and commitment for establishing “partnership relationship” with our customers.